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OCC snaps BTT winning streak
January 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM
My shot: Action from the OCCI-CBC basketball league being held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex. Supplied photo

Muscat: Oman Cement Company (OCC) snapped Al Bashaer Travel & Tourism's (BTT) winning steak in the Fourth OCCI-CBC basketball league currently underway at the Sultan Qaboos Sport Complex. In a game that was billed a the championship match ended in a tie  with the officials deciding to have an additional fifth quarter of five minutes to decide the winner. At the end of the extended quarter OCC with 71 defeated BTT 68. OCC's main focus was to beat BTT  and put an end to their first place ranking in the team standings.

There was no excitement in the opening quarter as both teams took time to size up the opponents thus ending the quarter 16-16. There was no difference in the second quarter, but with better defence OCC's Amini in thier ranks and rebounding from all over OCC took the lead ending with 21-12. Mohammed Al Oweisi coach of OCC switched his defence line in the third quarter to pressure the player maker of BTT at the same time utilising Hussein Al Kindi and alon with Amini from Kenya and Brandon from US, who performed well up front with assists from Yousuf Al Hashly and Ahmed. OCC ended the third quarter by a margin of 19-11.

In fourth quarter Mohammed Al Qusaimi coach of BTT had to change his tactics as BTT knownto have the best three pointers in Faisal Al Jamoodi and Qasim Al Qusaimi enhanced the team with his Serbian professional players to win the quarter with 23-14 and closed the gap on OCC and to draw level on 61-61. Going into the fifth quarter on level terms to establish the winner OCC didn't not give up the fight as they won the quarter 10-7 and to win the match with total score of  78/71.

In the second game between STTE and Moka & More it was more of rough play rather than a basketball game; the fighting between both went down to the last second with both teams losing important players and even their coaches who had to be dispatched from the court.
Moka & More won the match 80-79.

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