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Race 2: It doesn’t make the cut
January 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM
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Those who loved "Race" like me will surely go for "Race 2", but this movie will surely disappoint you.

Race 2 story starts with Ranveer Singh played by Saif Ali Khan and his girlfriend Sonia's (Bipasha Basu) murder. Ranveer lands up in Turkey where the Indian Mafia is run by Armaan Malik (John Abraham) and his sister Elena ( Deepika Padukone). Armaan Malik's love interest is Omisha played by Jacqueline Fernandez. A furious Ranveer who can go to any length to avenge Sonia's murder is helped by Robert D'Costa reassessed by Anil Kapoor who is now a refined club owner living a luxurious life with his fruits. While it was Sameera Reddy in the first installment, it's a comeback lady Amisha Patel to accompany Costa as her secretary in the second.

It is a movie that has good looking people, exotic locations and glamour and glitz. But what it lacks is the soul of the movie that is the story. While all the moves are predictable, some scenes are just indigestible.Saif enters the villain's premises out of nowhere, helicopter flying with a train compartment, a fixed mobile phone camera zooming in only for John and Deepika, cards in casino changed by Deepika, Jacqueline with one arm around Abraham on a parachute and Saif driving his car on a plane and equipped with 4 parachutes. It is everything short of a thriller.

Till interval, the story is just about actors showing their chiseled bodies. The actual so called "Race" starts after that but still it fails to pick up and is devoid of any logic. The narrative is messed up and incoherent. This can be seen when a group dance, with all the actors grooving to a remixed version of the original 'Race' soundtrack, pound in the middle of the thriller. Most songs seem to have no connection with the movie and are forcibly inserted. The girls are nothing more than glam dolls in the film.

In short, Race had some meat in it, but Race 2 is a complete disaster.  It isn't worth the watch.

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