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Festivity in the air
October 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Festivity in the air

The malls, souqs and the streets across the Sultanate of Oman are wearing a festive look. The Eid feeling is everywhere and the country is literally bursting with colours, activity and business. 

With Eid around the corner it seems like the whole country is out shopping for clothes, jewellery or consumer durables. Everyone is on a shopping binge, heaping their trolleys with goodies and the like and some are even spending like there is no tomorrow. Of course, you can't blame them. The shops are offering fresh stocks, new arrivals and the latest fashion. The hypermarkets and store owners seem to be going all out to woo shoppers to ensure that they rake in the business while providing quality stuff this Eid.

While the appealing method that seems to be working for businesses is the promise of big discounts, they are also offering new designs as well as innovative products.

"This is the time to shop," says Rasha Ajmi a client service executive. There is something for the whole family. You can revamp your house with new home furnishings on a discount of 50%. A leading jewellery brand is offering a good discount on their collection. A fashion line has a good offer. Even the automobile industry seems to be on the offer mode.

"Actually there is something on offer for the whole family whether men, women or children," adds Rasha. "The daily sales volume is crossing what we normally witness. This sort of business is only possible during Eid," says a spokesperson for a reputed hypermarket.

Every store, shop and mall in and around Oman is out to lure customers. "Mega shopping bonanzas, gift hampers, incredible discounts and all the freebies are naturally hard to resist," says Asma A. The customers do not mind the attention or the tug on their purse strings because this is the season when the shopping spirit unfolds, in a big way.

Flush with the extra cash available in the form of early salary people are eager to splurge on Eid shopping. "It is that time of the year when consumers go all the way and buy gifts for themselves and near and dear ones," says a gift shop owner on the Ruwi street.
 Though the story is same every year, the shopping frenzy seems to have caught up more this season. The shopping graph has been on the rise since the beginning of October and is now reaching an all time high.

"If car companies have come out with Eid bonanzas for their products, promising gifts and freebies; the consumer durables outlets are offering their products, including ovens, refrigerators, washing machines at attractive prices.

If readymade garment retailers are riding high this festive season with an offer on endless variety of fancy wear, the jewellery shops are all decked up, beckoning the buyers with special offers. The excitement in the air is palpable," says Batool, a keyed up shopper.
"Eid is a festival when people buy new clothes, shoes and accessories. Not just Muslims, the entire city comes to shop to take benefit of what is on offer," says an official at a shop.
 The Muttrah souq is bursting at its seams with shoppers jostling all around to get the best bargain. And, to complement this spirit of shoppers, enthusiastic shopkeepers are displaying their best wares, and putting their best salesmanship to the fore.  

From jewellery and footwear to abayas  and other accessories women are  seen busy making their choicest pick. Filled with exciting sound, smell, flavour, colour and vibrancy,  Muttrah Souq is the place to be in, if you want to feel the true spirit of  Eid shopping. So get your shopping list out and head for the nearest mall or store.

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