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Musical fusion show to echo Islam’s glory
January 26, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The enchanting and soothing recitals at the ‘Islamic Spirituality from Morocco to Oman’ event will take the audience on a fascinating journey leading to an inner peace. Photo supplied by Royal Opera House Muscat

Muscat: Dedicated to fostering spirituality in several musical genres, ranging from traditional to contemporary, the Royal Opera House Muscat would be presenting an exploration of the power of Islamic spiritual music in an evening celebrating the
Islamic spirit.

The programme has been projected as a fusion of four Arab nations in the form of religious songs in their respective musical styles under one roof. Overriding differences in religions, languages and ethnicities, 'Islamic Spirituality from Morocco to Oman' would be on show at the Royal House Muscat on Sunday.

The musical show promises to take the audience on a journey through spiritual cultures, leading to harmony and peace.

Accompanied by the Egyptian Amir Abdul Mageed Orchestra, internationally renowned singers from four Arab countries will spread the essence of Islamic spirituality through religious songs. The event will commence with a performance by Fityat Al Madeeh Al Muhammadi 'Mohammed Eulogising Young men for Inshad' troupe from Oman, whose style combines authenticity with modernity and varies from soliloquies (Mawal) to choral Nasheed.

Mellifluous melodies
Since it was founded, the troupe has endeavoured to preserve their ancestors' legacy and poetry that praises the Almighty God, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the pious, to the accompaniment of mellifluous melodies that have a tranquilising effect. Soloists at the performance will include Abdelsalam Al Hasani of Morocco, Al Moutassim bi-Ilah Al Asali of Syria and Sheikh Abdul Halim Mashhur of Egypt. The audiences will enjoy varied representations of multicultural Islam, translated into mystical songs. The audience will be mesmerised by Al Hasani's style of Inshad, which has been lauded by the young generation for its diverse styles.

Al Hasani began with the traditional Islamic heritage and Sufi poems, and recently employed music in the art of Inshad. The audience will also be enchanted with Al Asali's performance, which is derived from authentic Damascene customs, traditions and heritage. What's more, Mashhur will captivate the attendees with his soul-stirring recital.

When Mashhur completed his studies, he became a member of the Religious Inshad Troupe at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. Later, he was appointed the soloist singer of the Troupe and excelled in recitals. He was taught at that time by the Great Sheikhs Mohammed Al Fayyumi and Abdel Salam Bayyumi.

Commenting on this event, Prof. Dr. Issam El-Mallah, Adviser to the Board of Directors for Programming and Events, said, "The enchanting and soothing recitals at the 'Islamic Spirituality from Morocco to Oman'  event will take the audience on a fascinating journey leading to an inner peace. The show welcomes all audience attracted to spiritual Islamic songs, regardless of religion, ageand background.

Soul, mind and body
Performers from four different nations will bring soul, mind and body in complete harmony with each other. Besides, the show will feature the Egyptian Maestro Amir Abdul Mageed, who is a national expert at the academy of arts in Cairo, as he is teaching mass playing and the art of improvisation and the instrument Qanoon.

Mageed has his own orchestra comprising renowned Arab musicians. All these attributes will make the show one of a kind.

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