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Scholar urges people not to be misled by sorcerers
January 26, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Ebrahim Bin Nasser Al Sawafi

Muscat: Black magic is contrary to the teachings of the Holy Quran and those claiming to have the power to prophesise are acting against the teachings of Islam, Ebrahim Bin Nasser  Al Sawafi, Fatwa Secretary at the Office of the Grand Mufti, said in a statement issued by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

"A true Muslim should have deep faith that the entire universe belongs to Allah. People and Jinn are but created by Allah, and they cannot benefit or bring harm to anyone, unless Allah wills it," Al Sawafi stated.

Two killed
A few weeks ago, two Omanis died of asphyxiation in a sorcery ritual in a South Mabellah suburb. An African national was  arrested at the scene of the crime for practising sorcery and black magic. According to the police, the smoke emanating the from burning incense mixed with poisonous herbs had fatally suffocated the residents of the house.

In the statement issued by the ROP, the Fatwa Secretary urged the people to follow the teachings of Islam, which say that only Allah's will controls the destiny and not to fear negative forces.

Being attached to the jinn is an illusion and people hold such misconceptions or are attached to these illusions because they are ignorant of the true doctrine. True faith requires a human being to have confidence in Allah.

ROP appeal
On Friday, the ROP appealed to people in the Sultanate to shun any claims of supernatural powers, black magic or witchcraft, and to avoid falling into this trap.

"People should not get influenced by those who claim to have supernatural powers," a spokesman for the ROP remarked in the statement. "With black magic, the sorcerers betray the people and loot them. The magic they perform is also a threat to people's lives. So people should not fall into these kinds of traps," the spokesman added.

The ROP has urged people to report any such incidents by calling the ROP on 9999.

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