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This robot does floor-cleaning
February 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM

The Winbot 7 Series robot from Ecovacs does do windows.
The Winbot works like many of the floor-cleaning robots, only it works on vertical surfaces. After it is plugged into an electrical outlet, a powerful vacuum motor keeps it stuck on window glass as it creeps in a zigzag pattern to clean the surface.

There is a safety tether to keep the Winbot from bombing pedestrians below if it were to lose power. The Winbot has a damp cleaning pad on its leading edge that is followed by a squeegee and a drying pad in back. The reusable pads could require machine washing after a single large dirty window, but the company said they more typically needed a wash every few months. Prices of the pads and cleaning solution have not been announced.

The Winbot becomes available in April at a list price of $200 for the 710 model that cleans framed windows and $300 for the 730 model that cleans framed and frameless windows. They will be available through the Ecovacs website. (Text and pictures by The New York Times News Service)

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