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No reprieve for Omanis in fake-currency case
February 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Have the police registered a case?
Yes, the police have registered it.

What are they saying?
They say it is a big case and needs time.

When will you be able to come back?
We don't know when we can come to Oman.

How is your brother's wife? Has she been treated?
She couldn't finish the treatment because the police is with them 24 hours a day.

These messages were sent to Times of Oman by Ali Al Rashaidi, the cousin of Waleed Khalid Salam Al Rashaidi, who was detained by the Indian police in the fake-currency case.

Muscat: Ali Al Rashaidi, cousin of Waleed Khalid Salam Al Rashaidi (fake-currency victim, who has been held by the Indian police for the last 10 days), in a written statement to Times of Oman said the Indian police have registered a case, and the victims are still uncertain of their return to Oman.

"Yes, the police have registered it. We don't know when we can come back to Oman. She couldn't finish the treatment because the police is with them 24 hours a day," stated Ali.
Ali, a Municipal Council member of the North Batinah Governorate, and Mohammed Khalid Salam Al Rashaidi, Waleed's brother and a Majlis Al Shura member, flew to Kerala on February 1 to help the stranded Omani couple.

Ali and Mohammed are in Kerala to speed up the release of Waleed and his wife.
Waleed and his wife got into trouble when the police arrested them on January 31 for reportedly exchanging fake Indian currency at the hotel in Kerala, where they were staying. When the hotel management submitted the money paid by Waleed to the bank, it was found to be fake currency.

"The hotel management alerted the police, who took the couple into custody.

"But, by then, Rs16,000 of the original Rs40,000 he had exchanged had already been spent in town," noted Siddique Hassan, a Muscat-based social worker, who is helping the Omani couple to prove their innocence.

"The couple had purchased the Rs40,000 from an authorised money exchange in Kabourah before their trip. And this is not the first case. Two days ago, another Omani was held in the same town for allegedly exchanging fake currency. Those currency notes were purchased from a money exchange in Muscat International Airport. We are afraid of what will happen," Siddique added.

The third Omani was arrested by Panganad police officials in Ernakulum at the lodge where he was staying. The Omani, who works in Buraimi, had flown to Kerala on Jet Airways last Thursday to attend his colleague's son's funeral.

"Before travelling, he had purchased Rs10,000 from a money exchange in Muscat International Airport. When he landed in Ernakulum, he used the fake Rs1,000 to purchase a cell phone connection. This fake currency landed him in trouble," sources said.

Meanwhile, the issue has become a hot topic of discussion on social networking sites.
Several posters on various social networking websites have demanded the release of the Omani couple, who are being held for no fault of their own.

Even though their release is taking a while, sources have claimed that Oman's embassy has intervened, and a senior official of the embassy is in Kerala to assist the stranded couple.

"We learnt that the mission offices of both countries are trying their best to resolve the issue," sources explained.

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