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When it will be good bye
February 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM

At 66  she's been making 'farewell tours' for the past five years." I guess people don't want me to stop," she says. "Every time I try, they ask me back. Now I'm calling it the Never Can Say Goodbye Tour!"

Now Cher, the glamorous diva who apparently  never grows old,will be busier than ever in 2013.She has a new album, Woman's World, out in spring, is working on a Broadway musical based on her life, and will star in a TV series set in 1960s.

And of course there's another farewell tour. But Cher admits that coping with a superhuman workload is not quite as easy as it was. "You try to look as good as all the other girls who are a third of my age and that's rough!"

But she still works out for four or five hours a day to keep the years at bay, wears the same clothes size as when she was 20, and was recently voted one of the world's six sexiest women. She celebrated her 60th birthday by posing for a glamour magazine!   
Now the best-selling music artist of all time — she's sold over 140 million albums over the past 40 years — Cher has recently been seen around town with comedy writer Ron Zimmerman and says: "I love having boyfriends."

Said to be worth $300 million and with vast interests in property and the communications industry, Cher says she really did intend to retire.

"My life has been dominated by music for over 40 years. It's time to do other things before it's too late," she said at the time.

But things didn't work out like that. "I did 50 farewell concerts — and then I was asked to do 50 more. It's just gone on like that. And if people still want to see and hear me, what can I do?"

Cher has five houses but is looking for property in the UK. She once owned a London Thames-side apartment. Now she says: "I always feel at home in the UK and would love a house there again. I want some land and some privacy."

Cher has been a pop phenomenon ever since she met and married studio technician Salvatore Bono, recorded I Got You Babe — and became the glamorous half of international superstars Sonny and Cher.

Sonny Bono, the musical genius behind the partnership, left the music business in 1976 and went into politics before dying  at 63 in 1998. But for Cher, who has produced nearly 20 hit singles, success is seemingly timeless.

Cher's marriage to Sonny broke up in 1973 after  nine years during which  they had enjoyed their own TV shows and an almost permanent place in the charts.

"I'm sorry we parted but I always wanted to sing on my own," Cher said, celebrating her freedom with a series of memorable hits including Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, Dark Lady and Take Me Home.  

She's been largely solo ever since — and rarely out of the charts. "I'm just surprised to be anywhere," she admits. "I've been surprised with every decade.

The pundits last wrote off Cher in 1998. Then she came back with her Grammy-winning single Believe, which became the biggest selling song by a female artist in pop history.
"When I hit 50, I thought 'this is it. It's over,"  Cher admits. But it wasn't. "I was going to quit because I thought I was too old to sing rock numbers  — then suddenly record sales were bigger than ever."   

It was last year, after completing an international tour and a three-album deal worth $20 million  that Cher decided to quit performing live. But of course it hasn't happened.
Instead, came a Las Vegas offer said to be worth $40 million.. "They built me a special concert hall and I was  singing with Elton John," Cher says. "So once again retirement went out the window!"         
"I really wanted to take time off and travel and meet people away from pop music. People think I've had a wild and interesting life, but that's just not true.

"Outside of work it's been pretty narrow

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