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The star that save the world every time !
February 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Life is pretty eventful at the moment," is how Jessica Alba puts it, and that could be the understatement of the year.

Not only is she currently making the sequels to Sin City and  Machete for a reported total of more than $20 million, but she's a best-selling author, a successful businesswoman and — most important to Jessica — a busy wife and mother.

She runs the Honest Company which promotes eco-friendly baby products and has just written a book, The Honest Life, which urges women to change to a more healthy lifestyle.
And at the moment, every movie-maker, it seems, wants 31-year-old Jessica — her schedule is crammed full for the next two years.
But she  still finds time for the most important part of her life —being the wife of actor Cash Warren and mother of  her two young daughters, Honor and Haven.    
"I just love being a mum at home, but sadly time with Cash and the girls is pretty limited at the moment. For some reason I do seem to be flavour of the month in Hollywood," she smiles.

There's no arguing with that — the Mexican/Danish beauty is getting $10 million for the   Sin City sequel and there's also talk of yet another Invisible Woman blockbuster for an even bigger fee Not surprisingly the Hollywood money-men think they've got a bargain — seven years ago when Jessica first played   Susan Storm, the invisible woman, in the original Fantastic Four movie, it was the surprise smash-hit of the season, making $400 million world-wide. 

Looking at today's beautiful confident Jessica it's hard to believe that she had a pretty miserable childhood.

"I was a worrier," she says. "I was also asthmatic, neurotic and an insomniac. And that was just for starters!"

Jessica says  she was " the proverbial ugly duckling. I didn't even have any front teeth until I was eight because my brother had knocked out my baby teeth. No wonder I became a tomboy!"

Her home life was pretty traumatic, too — her parents married as teenagers and money was tight."

They had a lot of problems but  are still together, which is pretty amazing..."
A largely solitary childhood meant that Jessica lived much of the time in a world of her own. I made up plays and stories and acted them out in my head," she remembers.

"I started acting with other people  at the age of 12,"Jessica remembers. "I won a talent contest and the prize was acting classes. "My parents certainly couldn't have afforded acting lessons - my mum  and dad always had two or three jobs each  at the same time.

It was the only way they could make ends meet." Jessica landed her first job only months after completing her acting classes - a small part in a movie called Camp Nowhere.

At 16 she joined a theatre company and her big break came in 1999 when she appeared in Never Been Kissed  with Drew Barrymore and the thriller Idle Hands.

Soon afterwards she made the acclaimed Dark Angel, made by Titanic director James Cameron. In 2003, Jessica starred in the hip-hop dance movie Honey .
Then came Sin City and another massive hit -   Into the Blue with Paul Walker and Scott Caan.

"People don't just brush me off any more, which puts me in a nicer position," she says. (Graham/Tony James Feature)

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