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Grand valedictory ceremony at Indian school Salalah
February 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM

A grand Valedictory Ceremony was held at Indian School Salalah on Thursday, 14th February, 2013 to bid farewell to the outgoing batch of class XII and wish them good luck for the forthcoming Board Examination. The occasion was graced by the President of the school management committee, Mr. Cyril Samuel, other esteemed SMC members and parents of class 12 students.

The proceedings got off with an introductory speech by Mr. Anto Lalu, faculty in Economics followed by a prayer invoking the divine presence specially during the ceremony. The gathering was formally welcomed by Mrs. Darshana Kumari, faculty in Business Studies.

The venue then passed through the true auspicious moments, Candle Lighting Ceremony. Students moved up to the Principal to light the candles signifying the holy illumination of the spirit of truth, knowledge and wisdom. Meanwhile citations were read out by Mr. C.T. Ramasamy, HOD, English and Mrs. Rachel Abraham, PGT English.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. T.R. Brown, the Principal showered the words of blessings, wishes and prayers upon the students. He recalled his experiences in ISS right from the very first year of joining and witnessing Farewell Ceremonies. He spoke about ideas of success, code of conduct, importance of goals and learning from mistakes. He further exhorted them to live their lives at their fullest as the future is beautiful and life is full of experiences, The 'Wishing Song' by the music teacher, Mr. Sidharth Das was melodious and very meaningful at the occasion.

As the time came for the school-leavers to recall and share their experiences and feelings, many eyes brimmed over with nostalgia. Tasneem Ashraf, Albin Thomas, Shivani, Sruthi, Ashiq Ibrahim, Farhan Javed, Shifa Nazir, Deena Teresa, Rhea Maben, Kaveri Mandanna, Thejus Joseph, Lemya and Sargam Arora reminisced their unforgettable memories cherished in ISS. They were thankful to their teachers for the knowledge they gained and the life values inculcated in them.

Post Graduate teachers Mrs. Shirin Rosario, Mrs. Anita Rose and Mrs. Anantha Lakshmi in turn conveyed their wishes to the students for their examinations as well as a brighter future. They relived their real class room experiences and went through with the speeches advising, guiding and narrating special occasions at school.

The Chairman, Indian Social Club, Salalah, Mr. Manpreet Singh, parent of Preet Kanwar Singh and other grateful parents Mr. Saravana Kant, Mr. Parvinder Singh and Mr. M.B. Mandana expressed their sense of gratitude to the School Management, the Principal and the teachers for their dedicated services and endearing efforts in educating, nurturing and shaping up the life of their wards.

Mr. Biju Sayed, the Member, School Management Committee, while advising the students with quotes for continuous growth and success in higher education and career, exhorted them to always respect their parents. Dr. Earnest, yet another Member of the SMC appreciating the students and teachers, narrated a little tale of a mother and a child to tell students to help themselves once they go out of school. He asked them to celebrate the love of school, love of teachers and love of parents all throughout their lives.Mrs. Omana Mathews, the Vice Principal conveyed her wishes to the 20th outgoing batch of the school. Addressing as beautiful young ladies and handsome gentlemen, she advised them to have a worthy goal in their lives and be true to themselves. She further urged them to be good human beings with human qualities to reach to stars to become the stars of ISS.

Mr. S. Srinivasan, Asst. Vice Principal also with his 'Winning Formula' addressed students. He told that they had been in a protected environment of the school but they are going to explore the beauty of the world.

Mementos, with a message that students were special and memories would always be cherished, were distributed to them by Mr. Cyril Samuel, Hon'ble President of the School Management Committee. He, in his valedictory addre

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