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Moksh win ISC-Matharoo Bowling title
February 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Sania Zameel the best lady player with the sponsors and organisers. Photo – Supplied photo

Muscat: Team "Moksh" won the ISC-Matharoo family bowling tournament which was organised by the Indian Social Club Muscat at the Oman Bowling Centre (OBC) in Al Khuwair.  The team event was open to members of the Indian Social Club Muscat and its linguistic wings.  Each team had six members with a minimum of two female players.

Karanjeet Matharoo ISC management committee member and sponsor for the event said "This distinctive feature facilitated the accomplishment of the prime objective which was the enhancement of social interaction between families of members of the club and its different wings".  He also added that this would be an annual feature in the ISC sports and entertainment calendar.

Team 'Moksh', led by Suhail Khan were the outright winners with a score of 652.  The other members of the team were Nitin Sujanani, Neha Matani-Sujanani, Imran Khan, Zameel Ameen and Sania Zameel.

The first runners up were "Kasmanis" who scored a total of 635 points. The team comprised of Shoeb Kasmani, Rubina Kasmani, Asif Kasmani, Shaheen Kasmani, Mohammed Faizi and Ateeb Faizi.

The "Strikers" with Waheed Sattikar, Simmi Sattikar, Imtiaz Usman, Fauziya Usman, Armaan Sattikar and Ronnie Pereira.were second runners-up with a score of 626. The event was so keenly contested that untill the last round no one was sure who would win. Five teams were in the contention until the ninth round.

Tennis champs were ahead of all the others at that stage but faltered towards the end and ended up fifth with a score of 617. Green Kleen was a close fourth with 625 points who rallied from a poor start to consolidate in the last few rounds. Moksh were languishing at fifth spot towards the mid-way mark but all their players played consistently well thereafter.

The lady players Sania and Neha played exceptionally well and helped team Moksh clinch the title. Kasmanis were helped with a huge surge from Mohammed Faizi who had three strikes towards the end with good contributions from the other players. Strikers played well throughout the session with Waheed, Ronnie and Simmi Sattikar scoring well for the team. Mohammed Faizi was the best bowler at the event with a score of 171. Sania Zameel won the best lady player award with a score of 123. Others players who performed well were Anees Matta (161), Melwyn Vaz (155) and Faizaan Dawneck (155). Amongst the ladies Simmi Sattikar had a high score of 119.

Karanjeet Singh Matharoo gave away the prizes in the presence of ISC management committee members. The event was coordinated by ISC Joint Sports Secretary, Suhail Khan.

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