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Big speakers bring a big sound to your computers
February 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM

The British loudspeaker maker KEF, a name well known to audiophiles, has broken out both the high-tech and marketing razzle-dazzle for its desktop X300A speakers. For starters, it talks about the "Uni-Q driver array," which joins two speakers in one — a fancy version of a good old coaxial speaker, which puts a woofer for low tones and a tweeter for high tones in the same chassis.

Then it notes that each speaker has a class AB amplifier, a kind of dual circuit that is used in some higher-quality amplifiers and car amps as well. It pumps up to 50 watts to the low-frequency speaker and 20 watts to the high.

Neither of these is quite the breakthrough it is made to appear, but you do not often find either in a speaker built for computers.

The end result is a very solid set of speakers — 16.5 pounds of solid each.
They are not for people concerned about desk space. The size of typical bookshelf speakers, they are nearly a foot high, with a roughly 7-by-10-inch footprint. They also are not cheap, at $800 a pair.

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