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Get to see Google Glass at Comex
February 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Adding a twist to the concept of wearing technology as an accessory, ever since the Google Glass Project was announced in 2012, the world awaits with bated breath to see the world through Google Glass. Comex 2013 taking place from March 25th -29th at the Oman International Exhibition Centre will take consumers through the technology that becomes public by 2014.

According to Google co-founder Sergey Brin who was spotted promoting the prototype of Google Glass on the NYC Subway, the idea of Google Glass is to make users, "less a slave to your device. It's freedom, it's about doing brand-new, risky technological things — making science fiction real"

Google Glass will be the first-ever headset to project images and data directly onto the wearers eyes. When you put on the glasses, you can see display applications for date, time, temperature, music and texting. To activate your apps you look up, and the eye-tracking software will detect the application you want to select.

You can also use vocal cues to select applications, open notifications, set reminders and ask Glass if your best friend is in the area. You can use the side of the headset to scroll and control apps. You can take photographs and videos without using your hands by merely looking at your surroundings and saying "Take a picture of this".

You can even record yourself on the spot with the message right in front of your eyes. If you're at the train station and you see the schedule is full you can use Google Glass to seek an alternate route and arrows on the glasses will guide you to your destination. You can even use the device for chatting or video chatting purposes.

Advertising and marketing
Instead of using an ear-piece or speaker setup, Google will use a technology that lets you hear what Glass is telling you without compromising your ability to pay attention to other sounds as well. This means automobile drivers and pedestrians can safely travel wearing these glasses.

Google Glass will change the face of advertising and marketing for businesses since they will have the opportunity to personalise ads and track their consumer's interests using the Glass.

The future seems clearer with Google Glass and while its true potential is yet to be discovered, we will for the time being rely on present electronic gadgets and their appealing features.

Comex 2013, Oman's leading IT and Telecom show will focus on the latest consumer gadgets and business and government related solutions under the Comex Shopper, Comex Business and eGovernment pavilions. The event is organised by OITE Trade Fairs under the patronage of e.oman.

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