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Port of Salalah holds union elections
February 23, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Salalah: The Port of Salalah last week conducted the elections of the company's Union Administrative Authority (UAA) and the registration of General Assembly (union) members.

A total 875 employees at the Port of Salalah have registered with the union for the upcoming four-year period, of which approximately 85 per cent are Omani nationals and the remaining 15 per cent are expa-triates. These employees elected the leaders of the UAA from a group of 11 Omani candidates.

The Port of Salalah, currently the largest private sector employer in the Dhofar region with more than 2,200 employees, formed the first representative body in 2000. Following the amendment to Oman's Labour Law in 2006 to formalise the establishment of trade unions in Oman, the first official union body was elected at the port in 2009, which served its four-year term until 2012. The current round of elections lasted for two days, following staff members' enrolment and campaign.

The elections were supervised by Masoud bin Ali Jaaboub, head of the trade union organisations at the Dhofar governorate office for the Ministry of Manpower.
Masoud praised the administration's organising committee for maintaining transparency in its registration, nomination, and screening process. 

The newly elected UAA members include Salim Masoud Ali Bait Said, Zeyad Ahmed Salim Al Marhoon, Khalid Salim Ali Jaboob, Said Mahad Musallam Bait Said, Musallam Said Ahmed Tabook, Ali Salim Ali Al Jahfali, and Salim Said Musallam Al Kathiri.

Ahmed Akaak, Deputy CEO at the Port of Salalah, said, "At the Port of Salalah, we place a lot of emphasis on providing support to facilitate the work of the union authorities, and we praise all efforts made in this regard."

Hind Jumaan Hubais, the head of the election organising committee and member of the port's human resources department, said that the fact that the employees were fully exercising their electoral rights reflected the election's success and employee credibility.
Hubais also underlined the support offered by the members of the organising committee in this regard.

Former president of the port's UAA, Ahmed bin Salim Al Amri, pointed out that the new union authority was picking up from the previous union's success and the results that had been achieved in an era of strong dialogue and sound negotiations.

Al Amri also thanked the former members of the UAA for their hard work and offered his best wishes to the newly elected  members.

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