Social media for professional learning and growth

by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty
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Social media along with other benefits offered by Internet has provided lot of opportunities and challenges.

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US science leaders to tackle ethics of gene-editing technology
The leading US scientific organisation, responding to concerns expressed by scientists and ethicists, has launched an ambitious initiative to recommend guidelines for new genetic technology.

Google self-driving prototype cars to hit public roads
The move comes after Google's internal testing of the bubble-shaped vehicle over the past year and more extensive experience with Technology adapted for existing cars.

Facebook on iPhone launches 'Instant Articles'
Instant Articles will let stories load more than 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles.

Space radiation may harm astronauts’ brains
Flying people to deep space like Mars or an asteroid is high on NASA’s wish list, but research on mice suggested that extended radiation exposure permanently harms the brain.

More in Technology
Life sciences challenge tech in global innovation
The life sciences industry is increasingly taking over from the tech sector in driving global innovation, according to an analysis of global patents.
Next-generation plane engines take a ‘LEAP’ towards delivery
If there's one key selling point that aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing have both been using in marketing their new aircraft, it is fuel efficiency.
TomTom CEO says its maps destined for use in self-driving cars
Dutch navigation company TomTom aims to become a main provider of technology for self-driving cars as it charts its way back to success after seven lean years, chief executive Harold Goddijn said.
Americans stream away in shifting TV landscape
Streaming television is now mainstream, although it has not caused many people to cut the cord for traditional pay TV.
For blind bus riders, a new app boosts independence
A new smartphone app helps blind people navigate public transit in the Seattle area.
Facebook admits communication error
The research, published last month, has prompted online anger and questions about the ethics of the research and forced Facebook on the defensive
Cellphone calls, even while wearing a helmet
People are loath to give up their cellphones, even when engaged in sports risky enough to make it wise to use a helmet, like skiing, snowmobiling, motorcycling or bicycling

Saudi Arabia car blast: Three killed in Damman mosque bombing claimed by IS militant group
The suicide bomber -- disguised in women's clothing -- detonated his device at the entrance to the mosque during Friday prayers, the official Saudi Press Agency cited a ministry spokesman as saying.
Oman accident: Man dies after he falls into a well in Barka
A man died after he fell into a well at Hay Assim wilayat of Barka on Thursday morning, according to the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA)
Yemen crisis: Houthi rebels kill Sanaa's governor, claim relatives
Abdulghani Jamil and his nephew Nasr Jamil "died of wounds sustained during late Thursday clashes between the governor's aides and Houthi militiamen", the sources said.
Oman weather: Four plants that beat the summer heat
House plants are the ultimate functional indoor décor. Well-placed greenery doesn’t just brighten a space; it also purifies the air while creating a more relaxing, restful ambience
Oman's Qasim Al Farsi wins Red Bull 5 Pics contest
Hundreds of photography lovers gathered at the pop art themed exhibition held on Wednesday evening at Bait Al Zubair.
Syrian army abandons Idlib as rebels tighten grip on province
Rebels now control the vast majority of Idlib province after Al Nusra Front -- Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate -- and its allies overran Ariha and surrounding villages on Thursday.
Japanese island evacuated after volcanic eruption
Footage by the Japan Meteorological Agency captured the moment the plume rocketed from Mount Shindake on the far southern island of Kuchinoerabu.
Oman weather: Scorching heat takes toll on people’s health
Reducing exposure to sun and drinking plenty of water can together help avoid adverse impact of the hot weather, say health experts
Oman's Port of Duqm spurs economic development
Oman's newest port, a joint venture between the Omani Government and the Consortium Antwerp Port, speeds up economic development in industrial and service sectors
Korean food festival brings fresh flavours to Oman
Taste of Korea, a sumptuous food festival and banquet, showcases the exciting taste, variety and health benefits of traditional Korean cuisine
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