A’soud Global School reinforces parent-teacher communication during COVID-19

Roundup Thursday 05/November/2020 10:18 AM
By: Times News Service
A’soud Global School reinforces parent-teacher communication during COVID-19

Muscat: A’soud Global School (AGS), after successfully launching its dynamic e-learning curriculum earlier this year, is determined to ensure parents receive the necessary level of communication and feedback on students’ academic progress and mental wellbeing.

The British international curriculum school invited parents to join teachers and tutors in discussions during its first-ever ‘Virtual Parent - Teacher Programme’ held recently, to address key topics such as student grades, performance highlights and adaptability to the e-learning curriculum.

Since the launch of AGS’s e-learning curriculum as part of its ‘Back to School’ programme, students have enjoyed a comprehensive online learning experience.
The launch of the Virtual Parent-Teacher programme marks an important milestone in A’soud Global School’s vision to further strengthen the triangle of communication between the school, students and parents, to positively impact students’ learning experience.

Lee Davies, Principal of A’soud Global School says, “The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted some necessary communications between schools and parents. After the resounding success of our e-learning programme, we decided to customise our digital learning platforms towards the school’s annual Parent-Teacher meeting, to ensure open lines of communication.”

“We were delighted to reconnect with our school community and share feedback with parents in person. It is vital to give feedback on student progress and listen to any concerns our parent body may have. The online learning programme will continue at AGS until the parents are ready to send their children back to school and the success of this event has been an important learning experience for the whole AGS community,” says Davies.
The innovative digital meeting provided an opportune moment for parents and teachers to interact with one another and develop essential face-to-face communication. Parents received the virtual sessions positively, as nearly all families eagerly signed up to e-meet their teachers and tutors from across the school.

“I am very satisfied at how the programme was structured and also very happy with the level of communication,” states a Grade 3 parent. Additionally, another parent shares “I would like to thank the teachers for making online learning smooth and fun for our children. My daughter is having a great time in class.”