LIVE: Supreme Committee members addresses media

Oman Thursday 15/October/2020 11:34 AM
By: Times News Service
LIVE: Supreme Committee members addresses media

Muscat: The members of the Supreme Committee are addressing the media.

Excerpts from the media conference:

1- Minister of Health: 220 patients have been admitted in ICU in 12 days.

2- Minister of Health: In the last 6 months, medical staff at one of Governorates in the Sultanate did not take a single holiday.

3- Minister of Health: We are anxious because we have reached a record number of patients in intensive care.

4- Minister of Health: The low rate of recovery in the Sultanate is not due to the disease being more severe or fatal, but rather as a result of non-compliance with the precautionary measures.

5- Minister of Health: I would like to remind you that the decision to prevent gatherings is still in place.

6- Minister of Health: We lost a third medical staff due to coronavirus.

7- Minister of Health: Attending the funeral led to other deaths, so far we have monitored three deaths of people who contracted the virus as a result of attending the funeral.

8- Dr. Anas Al Kamyani: The virus is not a joke, I stayed for 5 weeks in the hospital, I was under full anesthesia, which causes inability to move in addition to shortness of breath, and I am still suffering from complications from COVID-19 infection.

9- Minister of Health: 3,919 medical staff are infected with COVID-19 in Oman, most of them are due to Community infection.

10- Brigadier Al Asmi: Expat workers whose work visa have expired are not allowed to return.

11- Brigadier Al Asmi: We thank citizens and residents for their cooperation and commitment to the procedures. Some violations of the ban on movement and not wearing masks have been recorded. We call on the violators to expedite the payment of the fines before transferring them to the public prosecution.

12- Major Muhammad bin Salam Al Hashimi: There is a special system for violations and the sums are transferred to a fund designated for dealing with a pandemic.

13- Minister of Health: 83 per cent of COVID-19 deaths are recorded among ICU patients.

14- Dr. Saif Al Abri: A special mechanism will be announced to exempt people with chronic diseases from going to their workplace.

15- Minister of Health: In the Sultanate, the infection rate among males is more than that of females, and there is no scientific explanation for this, but perhaps because males are more mixed in society, and this leads to the transmission of the disease to their families.

16- Brigadier Al Asmi: At present the issuance of visas are suspended and not allowed, although for family, entry is only available for those with valid residency.

17- The Minister of Health: The evening period witnesses large gatherings, so the Supreme Committee decided to prevent movement at night.

18- Brigadier Al Asmi: Announcing the names and photos of the violators will take place after the end of the legal procedures.

19- Minister of Health: According to the experiences of one of the countries, publishing the names and pictures of the violators have contributed to the reduction of violations and raise people's commitment to the procedures more than the fines.

20- Dr. Saif Al Abri: We have registered patients who have been infected with COVID-19 again.

21- Dr. Saif Al Abri: The priority now is how to obtain a quantity of the vaccine at the end of this year.