LIVE BLOG: Saudi Arabia-led operation to continue in Yemen until Houthi rebels withdraw, says Egyptian President Sisi

by Times News Service
Follow our live blog for ongoing updates on the attacks in Yemen

Oman weather: Temperatures set to soar in Muscat, other parts

by Times News Service
Temperatures in places such as Sur, Ibri, Haima have already reached 38 degree Celsius today, according to Oman's Meteorology.

Oman Air’s inaugural flight to Singapore takes off

by Times News Service
Oman Air’s inaugural flight from Muscat to Singapore took off on Sunday

Yemenis, expatriates look for safe haven as Saudi Arabia-led warplanes continue to fight Houthi rebels

As Sanaa turns, into a ghost town, both Yemenis and foreigners are keen to flee the war zone at the earliest

Oman accidents: Three nationals killed in a collision of vehicles in Ibri

One of the victims was a student of second year at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). His relatives said he was on the way from Muscat to enjoy the weekend with his family

Oman tourism: Biggest indoor theme park to be ready in 2017

Majarat Oman, which is just 45 minutes by road from Muscat, will be able to accommodate 2,500 to 3,000 visitors a day, Syed Asad Ali of Arab Malaysia Development Company, said
Sunday Beat: Oman employment database needed for future
by Saleh Al Shaibany

A jobseeker waits endlessly when, in fact, the job is very much there but only has to be pulled out from the mass of information which desperately needs to be streamlined.

Air Canada flight comes off runway in Halifax, 25 slightly hurt
by AFP

An Air Canada plane came off the runway after landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia early Sunday, the airline reported, as passengers and crew were checked for injuries

How technology is rewriting human interaction rulebook
by The Washington Post

Virtual distance is a psychological and emotional sense of detachment that accumulates little by little, at the subconscious or unconscious level, as people trade off time interacting with each other

VIDEO: Ferrari FF, power, pace and grace
by Scott Armstrong

“At my signal unleash hell.” The opening words to Ridley’s Scott epic blockbuster Gladiator echo in my mind as I prepare myself for what is about to happen

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Technology: Design of devices gains importance
by FARHAD MANJOO/The New York Times News Service

You need good physical design — or industrial design — to get people through the door. The real differentiator now, though, is the user interface — how the thing work

British poll campaign ignores vital issues

The UK has a long track record of scolding its European Nato partners for not spending the two per cent of GDP that each has pledged to dedicate to defence

Angelina Jolie surgery 'dramatically' lowers cancer risk: experts
by AFP

It is a hard personal choice, but removing healthy fallopian tubes and ovaries effectively slashes the cancer odds for women like Angelina Jolie who carry a risk-boosting gene mutation, experts said