Oman accidents: Car falls off Muscat Expressway, one severely injured

by Staff Reporter
The ROP aviation department using their helicopters rescued the injured

Thousands of Indian students to be hit by school place crisis in Oman

by Staff Reporter
Class sizes are expected to be as big as 55 children per room as Indian schools cope with rising numbers

Ship sinking near Oman coast claimed lives of hundreds of cattle

The ship was carrying more than 350 cattle but a hundred of them swam to the shore in the freezing waters as the ship sank, confirmed an official

Solar impulse: Zero-fuel airplane to land at Muscat Airport

by Scott Armstrong
Setting off from the UAE, the pilot will fly the zero-fuel airplane for about 400km (215NM) for an estimated time of 12 hours before landing Saturday afternoon at Muscat Airport

Can Oman's oil sector weather low price storm?

by Saleh Al Shaibany
It is going to be a tough year and perhaps beyond 2015 for Oman’s oil industry for both suppliers and producers, as low oil prices show no signs of recovery

Oman tourism: Saraya Bandar Jissah resort dream turns into luxury landmark

by Times News Service
Work on the main resort hotel is well under way, and construction of the boutique hotel is also due to begin ‘any day’
India extends scholarships to 150 Omani students this year
by Times News Service

Nearly 150 Omani students have benefitted from a fully-funded training scholarship under the Indian Technical and Economic Co-operation (ITEC) programme offered by the Indian government

GCC: Legal team to finalise Sports Disputes Resolution Committee
by Times News Service

During a meeting in Doha, GCC Olympic chiefs thanked His Majesty the Sultan for supporting sports. They also named a legal team to finalise the formation GCC Sports Disputes Resolution Committee

Audi's electric car claims to cover 450km on single charge
by Reuters

By 2020, fewer than one in 20 vehicles produced is forecast to be equipped with electrified powertrains, business consultants KPMG said in a survey in January.

Are fertility rates declining due to global pollution?
by Salim Joseph

Infertility rate is on a rise across the globe and the main reason is pollution, says Dr. P. Rama Devi, an infertility and gynec consultant who runs one among the few infertility clinics in Oman

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Misophonia: The flapping sounds of fury
by Barron H. Lerner/The New York Times News Service

I can't stand it when someone behind me at a movie chews popcorn with his or her mouth open. I mean, I really can't stand it

What might the battle for Mosul now bring?
by Patrick Cockburn

The Iraqi army held Mosul for 10 years up until 2014, during which time they acted very much as a foreign occupation force widely resented by a section of the people

Haiti: Why tourists are returning to this misunderstood country
by Caroline Eden/The In

Five years after the devastating earthquake that killed 250,000 people and displaced 1.5 million more, tourism is returning to the Caribbean’s most staggering landmark, cautiously

Round Up
So what colour is this dress?
by Andrew Schofield/ Th

There has been passionate debate on the Internet over a blue and black dress that to some people — perhaps even the majority — appears white and gold

The common cold and other nasal problems
by Dr Nishit Shah, Cand

Nasal problems are common in the general population. Many people experience nasal and sinus problems. Symptoms can be in the form of running nose, sneezing, blockade of nose and headache or facia pain

Hip-Hop megastar Drake ready to woo Dubai
by Times News Service

Canadian hip-hop megastar is ready to make ‘The Headlines’ as he brings the noise for the first time ever to Dubai, UAE on 14th March 2015