Oman can withstand oil price slide: Expert

Oman can withstand the huge dip in oil prices, said top economists. In its economic outlook, IMF had said that oil export losses in 2015 are expected to reach about $300 billion in the GCC region

Ban on expats sharing home gets tougher in Oman

by Fahad Al Ghadani
Muscat Municipality’s new rules on renting property in the capital set out restrictions for the expatriates at all levels

Banks in Oman can withstand oil slump: CBO Chief

by ONA
Al Zedjali said that banks operating in the Sultanate have excellent level of liquidity required for funding the economically feasible domestic projects

Omani motifs and heritage inspire modern artists

Moosa Omar and Idris Al Hooti’s show, “Nostalgia,” is an example of how Oman’s rich traditions can be the muse for modern art.

Bedouins cast their charm at Muscat Festival

The Bedouin section is one of the most popular parts of the Muscat Festival.Visitors get an experience of the desert life here
IS militants expelled from Kobane; Iraq's Diyala 'liberated'
by AFP

Kurdish militia have driven IS group militants from the Syrian border town of Kobane after months of heavy fighting, a monitor and spokesman said Monday, dealing a crucial blow to the militants

New take-along chargers that pack power to portable devices
by The New York Times

Once you know those measurements, it is time to decide which type of charging device is best for you. One of the most convenient ways to charge is to use a case that includes an external battery

Asian-inspired spa in Muscat, For the mind, body and soul
by Salim Joseph

The Spa at The Chedi Muscat embraces eastern philosophy with Asian oriental rituals; it offers an extensive variety of beauty rituals based on the holistic principles of aromatherapy and herbalism

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Boehner-Netanyahu: There's more to story
by James J. Zogby

Observers across the globe were amazed at the gall of the American Congress to invite a foreign leader to slap their president in the face

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Jaguar launches unique ‘British Intelligence’ marketing campaign
by Times News Service

‘British Intelligence’ is an evolution of Jaguar’s highly acclaimed ‘British Villains’ campaign for the F-TYPE Coupe and will showcase the now complete Jaguar luxury saloon lineup

Just 20 minutes walk a day is enough: study
by Mark Reynolds/Daily

A brisk daily 20-minute walk could reduce the risk of an early death by almost a third, a new study shows

Hollywood's star Jennifer Garner decides it’s time for a change
by John Graham/Tony Jam

Jennifer Garner made her name abseiling down skyscrapers, karate-chopping villains or overturning cars at high speed. Now, Hollywood’s ultimate action-woman has decided it’s time for a change