Oman weather update: Tropical storm could touch Oman coast this week

Low pressure is likely to deepen during the next two days and it will continue moving west/northwest towards the Sultanate’s Arabian coast

People call for ‘balanced’ beachfront development in Oman

While such concerns are understandable, people should know that strict rules are in place to regulate land use, said an Omaran official

Oman weather update: Low pressure turns into depression

An IMD update this morning said it would intensify another round into a deep depression by Sunday

70 projects in Oman vie for eGovernment Award

by times news service
Public voting for certain projects in which public can vote for these projects (is to be done ) from October 27 to 29

His Majesty, leaders exchange Hijri New Year greetings

by ONA
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has exchanged greetings cables with leaders of the sisterly and friendly Arab and Muslim countries

Indian expats in Oman keep traditions alive

Indian expatriates in Oman may be miles away from home, but many of them have not allowed the geographical distance or apartment living to detach them from their deep-rooted traditions
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The childhood that our children miss
by Saleh Al Shaibany

They each told a different story at one time or another. Some of the items brought a twinge of pain, a few raised questions of my past and the rest brought confusion.

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Will the private sector in Oman be able to attract young talents without raising the salaries?

High in Pakistan's mountains, women break taboos
by AFP

A group of young Pakistani girls sit on a carpeted floor listening as their teacher writes on a whiteboard, preparing his students for the rigours of climbing some of the world's highest peaks.

Movie Review: Happy New Year
by Siddharth Akhouri -

The result is a film that by far is not perfect but makes you experience a wide range of emotions and most importantly keeps you entertained throughout its run time.