Omani national under police custody in India

The incident reportedly took place on Thursday early morning.

Oman weather: Jabal Shams shivers at sub zero temperatures

The Oman meteorological data reveals that on Friday evening, the temperature at Jabal Shams was -5.5 degree Celsius.

Tour of Oman to return next year

The contract for holding the Tour of Oman next year has been renewed

Oman weather: Rain witnessed in different parts of Muscat

by Staff Reporter
Meanwhile, dust and sandstorm is predicted in Ibra, Madha, Yalooni , Zamiam, Duqm and Bidiyah

Airlines cut fares to woo travellers from Oman in lean season

by Times News Service
Airlines operating to and from Muscat have either slashed return fares or introduced special deals to destinations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East to woo travellers during the lean season

Queen Elizabeth II meets Oman’s Justice Minister

by ONA
Sheikh Al Khalili, is currently visiting England for taking part in the Global Law Summit, being held in London.
Photoshop adapts to an Instagram world
by Farhad Manjoo — The

The aggressive reinvention of Photoshop, if successful, could serve as a model for other companies, particularly Microsoft, that risk losing business to more nimble app-makers

Are fertility rates declining due to global pollution?
by Salim Joseph

Infertility rate is on a rise across the globe and the main reason is pollution, says Dr. P. Rama Devi, an infertility and gynec consultant who runs one among the few infertility clinics in Oman

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Will deportation of illegal expat workers streamline labour market and create fresh job opportunities in Oman?

Dutch artists make waves with 'dead animal' art
by AFP

In a loft in a disused school, Dutch artist Noortje Zijlstra takes a frozen crow carcass from a refrigerator and cuts it open, pursuing her latest "dead animal art" project

Oromos face chilling oppression in Ethiopia
by Debasish Mitra

Plurality, respect for basic democratic values and tolerance for dissent have never been the fortes for which Ethiopia is known in the world

The common cold and other nasal problems
by Dr Nishit Shah, Cand

Nasal problems are common in the general population. Many people experience nasal and sinus problems. Symptoms can be in the form of running nose, sneezing, blockade of nose and headache or facia pain

Hip-Hop megastar Drake ready to woo Dubai
by Times News Service

Canadian hip-hop megastar is ready to make ‘The Headlines’ as he brings the noise for the first time ever to Dubai, UAE on 14th March 2015