More flights from Oman to Pakistan

by Rahul Das
From March 23, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will operate 15 flights a week and by the end of this year, it will increase to 17 flights weekly

Majlis Al Shura targets expats in Oman working past 60

With thousands of Omanis looking for jobs, Majlis members debate giving extension to expats beyond 60 and too under special circumstances when there is no choice

Parents fret over Indian school admissions in Oman

by Staff Reporter
School admission prospects for nearly 50 per cent of Indian children in Oman look bleak this year

Oman Coast Guard rescues tourist ferry, two boats

by Times News Service
Another boat with eight Asians was rescued and towed to safety to Taibat area of Khasab.

Celebratory gun firing in Oman is asking for trouble

by Fahad Al Ghadani
Firing of guns during celebrations could invite tougher penalties as there is a concerted move by the government to stop such behaviour
Audi's electric car claims to cover 450km on single charge
by Reuters

By 2020, fewer than one in 20 vehicles produced is forecast to be equipped with electrified powertrains, business consultants KPMG said in a survey in January.

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Misophonia: The flapping sounds of fury
by Barron H. Lerner/The New York Times News Service

I can't stand it when someone behind me at a movie chews popcorn with his or her mouth open. I mean, I really can't stand it

Greece has spent more than it ever produced
by Ricardo Hausmann

Fiscal deficits, like unwanted pregnancies, are the unintended consequence of actions taken by more than one person who had other objectives in mind

Round Up
So what colour is this dress?
by Andrew Schofield/ Th

There has been passionate debate on the Internet over a blue and black dress that to some people — perhaps even the majority — appears white and gold

The common cold and other nasal problems
by Dr Nishit Shah, Cand

Nasal problems are common in the general population. Many people experience nasal and sinus problems. Symptoms can be in the form of running nose, sneezing, blockade of nose and headache or facia pain

Hip-Hop megastar Drake ready to woo Dubai
by Times News Service

Canadian hip-hop megastar is ready to make ‘The Headlines’ as he brings the noise for the first time ever to Dubai, UAE on 14th March 2015