Do you need an NOC to re-enter Oman as a tourist? Our legal expert answers

by Times News Service
There are instances that many people without NOCs who have cancelled their visas and later obtained resident status in neighbouring countries have re-entered Oman through road without facing obstacles

Time to pay more for road offences in Oman, says ROP

by Fahad Al Ghadani
Jail terms ranging from 10 days to three months and a fine of up to OMR500 could be imposed on reckless drivers

Oman coordinating with embassy to bring back citizens from Nepal

International aid groups and governments intensified efforts to get rescuers and supplies into earthquake-hit nepal on Sunday

$25m project to showcase Oman’s marine, desert life

by Rahul Das
Spread over two floors, the oceanarium will be opened in the first quarter of 2017

Omani students build solar cooker that feeds 100 people

Though its cost is OMR3,000, the solar cooker would pay for itself over a period of time, with its saving on cooking gas
What makes Goa a perfect holiday destination
by Mrudu Naik

Oman Air, the Sultanate’s national carrier recently launched direct flights to Goa, India’s popular tourist destination. Take this three-hour flight to discover the goodness of Goa, Mrudu Naik reports

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Can orange glasses help you sleep better?
by Kate Galbraith/ New York Times News Service

Studies have shown that such light, especially from the blue part of the spectrum, inhibits the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that helps people fall asleep

History is on the side of the Armenians
by James J. Zogby

It feels as though Armenians need the acknowledgment of genocide in order validate their history, while Turks need to deny genocide in order to validate theirs. This is not a healthy state of affairs

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Oman Arab Bank sponsors Omanisation Career Fair 2015
by Times News Service

Inaugurated on Monday under the patronage of Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, chairman of special economic zone authority Duqm, and with the attendance of Dr. Rawiya Al Busaidi, minister of higher education.