Two-year visa ban ‘hits hiring of skilled personnel’

Workers and companies have mostly reacted adversely to the two-year visa ban on expatriates

Private sector to be made more attractive for Omanis

To be ready by next year, the amended Labour Law has features aimed at reducing the flight of Omani workers from the private sector

Oman's Ministry of Agriculture in drive against ticks

by -ONA
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries carried out for the second day a number of campaigns to eleminate the Hyalomma truncatum ticks

Timely action douses scrapyard blaze in Oman

by Staff Reporter
A fire broke out at a scrap yard in the Mabelah industrial area

No need to quit to apply for public sector jobs in Oman

by Fahad Al Ghadani
Earlier, Omani private sector staff had to resign and wait for a year to be eligible to apply for a government job
No plans to cut expenditure next year, says Al Jashmi
by A. E. JAMES

Oman depends heavily on oil revenues that make up 83 per cent of its income. Oman Crude is trading at $84 per barrel now, which is considered low for estimating budget revenue

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Pistorius sentenced to five-year jail for killing his girl friend
by Reuters

Olympic and Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius started his five-year jail sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, marking the end of a trial that has gripped South Africa and the world

How to fulfill a poor child's needs in Oman?

It was an embarrassing moment and a humiliating one, too. Everybody with small children would relate to such an incident

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Tower block tours give 'Brutalism' a closer look
by AFP

The 27-storey Balfron Tower in Poplar is being refurbished after decades of neglect as a wave of gentrification spruces up former housing estates and casts a fresh eye on once-derided designs.

Are 'experts' helping us to know more?
by James J. Zogby

To hear these “experts” pontificating about Islam or Arab culture is more than annoying. It's downright dangerous. Instead of elevating the discourse, they dumb it down.