Do you need employers clearance to re-enter Oman? Our legal expert answers

by Times News Service
Even though, an expatriate has exceeded the limit of 179 days, the visa and resident status will remain active in the computers unless the employer has cancelled the same

From Muscat to Sanaa: Air India rescue plane lands in Oman on way to Yemen

An Air India Airbus A-321, with capacity to carry 180 passengers, flew on Monday morning from New Delhi to Muscat, Oman

Yemen crisis: Arab League leaders reach consensus on unified force

by Rejimon K
Arab leaders have agreed to create a unified Arab force as Oman expressed hope for security and stability in the region on Sunday

Oman accident: Road deaths drop but toll still runs to 15 per week

by Rejimon K and Fahad Al Ghadani
While authorities, road safety experts and parliamentarians have welcomed the dip in figures, they feel more needs to be done

LIVE BLOG: Air strike hits area of Yemen refugee camp, killing 21

by Times News Service
Follow our live blog for ongoing updates on the attacks in Yemen

Warplanes hit Yemen's Sanaa overnight, after dawn-residents

by Reuters
One of the residents said the strikes appeared mainly focussed around the diplomatic quarter of the capital
Messaging apps offer to do it all, for more money
by The New York Times N

Such moves are part of a trend toward messaging apps becoming do-it-all services. The model, in many ways, comes from the messaging giants popular in China and Japan

VIDEO: Ferrari FF, power, pace and grace
by Scott Armstrong

“At my signal unleash hell.” The opening words to Ridley’s Scott epic blockbuster Gladiator echo in my mind as I prepare myself for what is about to happen

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8 ways you may be encouraging your child to be a bully
by Ashley Trexler/The Washington Post

Maybe no one has told you to your face you're raising a bully, but sometimes you can't help but wonder if other parents are talking about it behind your back.

British poll campaign ignores vital issues

The UK has a long track record of scolding its European Nato partners for not spending the two per cent of GDP that each has pledged to dedicate to defence

Angelina Jolie surgery 'dramatically' lowers cancer risk: experts
by AFP

It is a hard personal choice, but removing healthy fallopian tubes and ovaries effectively slashes the cancer odds for women like Angelina Jolie who carry a risk-boosting gene mutation, experts said