Tropical depression moving towards Oman

by ONA
The latest satellite images showed a tropical depression located 1,000 kilometres off the Sultanate's coasts in the Arabian Sea

People call for ‘balanced’ beachfront development in Oman

While such concerns are understandable, people should know that strict rules are in place to regulate land use, said an Omaran official

flydubai announces new Tanzania routes

by Times News Service
Flights to the East African country commenced on October 16 expanding the airline’s network in Africa to 12 destinations

Canadians seek to gain from Oman’s LNG experience

A delegation from a northwest Canadian town that may soon open an LNG plant visited Oman to learn firsthand how an LNG plant could impact their community

70 projects vie for eGovernment Award

by times news service
Public voting for certain projects in which public can vote for these projects (is to be done ) from October 27 to 29

Canadian premier hid in a closet during parliament attack

by Agencies
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was shoved into a closet when a gunmen stormed parliament, local newspapers said on Friday
Urdu is not dying, it is evolving: Pakistani poet
by Shahzad Raza

I do not agree with people who say Urdu is dying. It is just changing and that does not worry me at all, says the noted Pakistani poet

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The childhood that our children miss
by Saleh Al Shaibany

They each told a different story at one time or another. Some of the items brought a twinge of pain, a few raised questions of my past and the rest brought confusion.

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High in Pakistan's mountains, women break taboos
by AFP

A group of young Pakistani girls sit on a carpeted floor listening as their teacher writes on a whiteboard, preparing his students for the rigours of climbing some of the world's highest peaks.

In Asia, angst is rising against United States
by Roger Cohen

Outside China, there is a consistent theme in Asia. It is concerned that declining American power, credibility and commitment will leave the way open for Beijing to exercise dominance over the region