BankDhofar signs agreement to provide SME financing in Oman

by Times News Service
BankDhofar has signed an agreement with the Public Authority for SME Development and Oman Development Bank to extend better banking facilities to the SMEs in Oman

Shell signs pacts with Environment Society of Oman

by Times News Service
Shell Development Oman recently signed two sponsorship agreements with the Environment Society of Oman

Drive to save lives to begin in Oman's classrooms

The plan is to enhance traffic safety awareness among youth as they are most vulnerable to road accidents

Haji Baba ‘caps’ his art with business success in Oman

The veteran claims he came to Oman when he was 19 or 20 years old. He has weaved 13 colours in one cap, which was a big success. Those who bought these caps use it only for special occasions

Building law evokes mixed reactions in Oman

by Fahad Al Ghadani
Construction companies in Oman have reacted in different ways to the latest legislation as per which building firms must be managed by a citizen and not an expatriate

Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014: Argentina a hotbed of talent — for Europe

by AFP
Few Argentines have ever seen the country’s best players in the struggling domestic Primera Division, which has turned exporting young talent into an industry.
Royal Oman Police seeks people’s help to curb begging

As beggars become an ubiquitous presence all over the Sultanate, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged people to help combat this menace effectively since it has “negative social implications.”

Big role seen for private sector in power projects
by Times News Service

Growth rather than consolidation is expected to be a dominant driver of activity, Ernst & Young’s said in its latest report

Israel carnage pushes Gaza death toll to 149, includes mostly civilians
by Reuters

Israeli naval commandos clashed with Hamas militants in a raid on the coast of the Gaza Strip on Sunday, in what appeared to be the first ground assault of a six-day Israeli offensive on the territory

New mobile phone app has James Bond features to thwart surveillance
by AFP

Silent Circle is introducing on Thursday a secrecy-cloaking phone service that lets customers make and receive private phone calls for as little as $12.95 a month.

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Malaysia still spinning a centuries-old tradition
by AFP

In one fluid motion, Amri Aziz flings his oversized spinning top into the air and with a whip-like crack of rope sends it whirling for the next two hours.That's when the tea is poured.

The three tracks that now define Middle East
by Mohamed A. El-Erian

Rather than pursuing internal convergence, this important part of the world is following at least three paths, characterised by large divergences that will persist and likely grow for years to come

MERS unlikely to spread in Asia: WHO expert
by AFP

Asian countries should keep their guard against the deadly Middle East respiratory virus, although it is unlikely to spread to the region, a World Health Organization expert said Thursday.