Video: Longer maternity leave for working women leads Oman's top news stories

by Times News Service
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Working women in Oman want longer maternity leave

by Saleh Al Shaibany
Though Oman is on par with the GCC neighbours in its maternity leave policy, it still lags behind the Western world

Royal Oman Police sounds alert over firecrackers

by Fahad Al Ghadani
The police have come down hard on smuggling of firecrackers. They have so far foiled nine such attempts to smuggle firecrackers through the Al Wajajah border checkpoint in the Wilayat of Buraimi

Five new cases of H1N1 flu in Oman

by Times News Service
Doctors at private hospitals said that the Ministry of Health has started distributing medicines from government hospitals and health care centres

Oman guidelines to air travellers on Ebola

by Times News Service
The health advisory says that those who were in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea in the past 21 days and have symptoms like headache, diarrhoea, body pain etc, should report to the health centres

English Premier League in focus: Certainly there is never a dull moment at The Albion

by Kevin Affleck
Last year they silenced a stunned Old Trafford with a thoroughly merited 2-1 victory over the then defending champions.
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Not all marriages are made in heaven

Social pressures like unemployment and the need to acquire all the trappings of life force young people to do things a bit different than their parents

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Should Oman temporarily block the entry of travellers from West Africa to prevent an outbreak of Ebola here?

Good Bye Marx! Hungary cleans up for Orban's revolution
by AFP

Budapest's Corvinus University is no hotbed of communist troublemakers and far from nostalgic for the old regime, but students are pining for a cherished bronze of Karl Marx removed last week

The cost of destroying Isis will be enormous
by Kate Allen

A new wave of attacks on Isis's roving bands of killers will surely displace thousands more local residents