Royal Directives issued to establish housing complexes in Oman

by ONA
These complexes will be built by real estate developers from the private sector, with investment funds or through the public-private partnership (PPP) model.

Oman coast guard rescues sailors from sinking boat

Coast guard personnel have rescued 10 sailors on board of boat which was sinking in the waters of Ras Al Hadd, police said.

Oman weather: Rain to lash country in next two days

According to Omanweather updates Facebook page, rain fell in Nakhal and Rustaq.

Key issues discussed by Oman's Majlis Al Shura

by Times News Service
During the meeting, Majlis Al Shura addressed the draft law for regularising the work of engineering consultants

Oman weather update: Freak hailstorm, rain hit parts of Sultanate

In addition to rain, dust storm is also predicted by the meteorological department.

Shopping mall: City Centre Muscat to add jobs; expansion nears the finish line

by Staff Reporter
Around 50 per cent of the workers in the existing mall are Omanis and the redevelopment will result in the creation of additional jobs for local
Oman: Fincorp launches new investment products, mobile trading application
by Times News Service

Sheikh Nasr bin Amur Al Hosni, CEO of Fincorp said that the new services launched by the company will complement the existing products and services carried out by Fincrop

TomTom CEO says its maps destined for use in self-driving cars
by Reuters

Dutch navigation company TomTom aims to become a main provider of technology for self-driving cars as it charts its way back to success after seven lean years, chief executive Harold Goddijn said.

Oman tourism: Visit to old house at Misfat Al Abriyeenh

Oman’s only traditional guesthouse, the Misfah Old House, offers visitors the chance to experience village life in the picturesque Misfat Al Abriyeen

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How to fall back to sleep in 20 minutes or less
by Kim Jones/Daily Express

If you're in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, try our tricks to send you into a deep slumber without the stress

Once again, West fails to understand Russia
by Mary Dejevsky

This year is an opportunity for the Kremlin to demonstrate that Russia, as a great power, is back. The advance of the decadent West has been halted in Ukraine