Duqm Airport’s early start a big boost for trade in Oman

Regarded as Oman’s fastest growing economic hub, Duqm is expected to become a gateway for investments

Diabetics need to exercise caution during the month of Ramadan

by Dr Muneer
Diabetes patients are at a risk of high sugar, low sugar, acute sugar complications, blood stickiness and severe dehydration during the fasting

Stroke-hit expat fights odds in Oman's ICU

Nazmul Haque, a blue-collar worker from Bangladesh, is facing uncertainty in the hospital

Winners of Times of Oman - Shabiba third Ramadan draw announced (Video)

by Times News Service
The third and final draw of Times of Oman and Al Shabiba Ramadan promotion was held on July 23, 2014 where 15 lucky winners of attractive cash prizes were chosen

Nawras logs OMR18.7m net profit as revenue surges 10 per cent in Oman

by Times News Service
Total revenues for the first half increased to OMR108.2m, compared to OMR98.4m for the same period last year. The growth is driven by rise in both fixed and mobile data revenues

Oman Sail four points off the podium at Tour de France a la Voile

by Times News Service
Oman Sail has everything to fight for going into the next round of inshore races in Hyeres before striking out to sea once again for the final offshore leg of the race
Update: CCTV video shows young person's scooter behind Mawaleh petrol station blaze
by Staff Reporter

A CCTV footage of Mawaleh fuel station fire on late Sunday night confirmed that the fire spread from a scooter first, while the rider was kicking it hard to start it after filling petrol

Oman explores aquaculture boost to up non-oil exports
by Times News Service

Development strategy of aquaculture adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is supported by a budget of $1.3b, which will create thousands of job opportunities for locals

Gaza rocket halts Israel flights as foes resist truce efforts
by AFP

Airlines blocked flights to Israel Wednesday after a Gaza rocket struck near airport runways, as the UN chief urged an end to a conflict that has killed 639 Palestinians and 31 Israelis.

Apple profit up as China sales surge
by AFP

Apple quarterly profit climbed with strong demand for iPhones, particularly in China where the California company's revenue surged.

Are Facebook friends our real friends?
by Compiled by Swati Da

‘I have 935 friends on Facebook, but only 5 in real life’. Are you one of them? Are real friends so hard to find in real life?

Quick Poll

Will the rising number of working mothers create a generation of nanny-raised Omanis?

India outsources chores as servant culture shifts
by AFP

"Get My Peon", one of the new Indian companies offering to do your chores and errands in a country traditionally reliant on full-time servants.

Of the tipping point of Vladimir Putin
by Nina L. Khrushcheva

In the Brezhnev era, expansionist policies reflected the country's new energy-derived wealth. Putin's military build-up and modernisation of the past decade was also fuelled by energy exports

‘Kick’ was a good opportunity: Nawazuddin Siddiqui
by PTI

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ star Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has teamed up with Salman Khan in the upcoming ‘Kick’, says he plays a very thrilling role in the masala entertainer.