Working mums seek improved child care units in Oman

Many employed women are not comfortable with leaving their infants in the hands of poorly skilled maids

No delay in clearance of investors’ papers, says Oman's investor services department official

by Said Al Hashmi
Some entrepreneurs have called for the activation of one-stop shop services for the processing of transactions electronically

Oman helps evacuate more than 1,300 Indonesians

by Times News Service
More than 1,300 Indonesians, mostly students, were evacuated from Yemen via Oman, said Sukanto, ambassador of Indonesia

Oman ranks high in IT network readiness

by Times News Service
Global Information Technology Report finds a growing digital divide across countries, with the full economic and social benefits of the internet only available to a minority of the world’s population

SpiceJet to add two Muscat-Ahmedabad flights

by Times
The two additional flights will depart from Ahmedabad every Wednesday and Sunday at 11 p.m. and depart from Muscat every Thursday and Monday at 1.10 a.m.

Oman receives 2,695 refuges of 48 nationalities from Yemen

by ONA
This step stems from the Sultanate's permanent keenness and policy to provide all kinds of humanitarian support and assistance.
US core consumer prices show inflation picking up
by Bloomberg News

A strengthening labour market may be giving workers the confidence to seek bigger wage concessions, which would prompt companies to raise prices for goods and services

Oman tourism: Escape to Turtle Beach Resort in Ras Al Hadd
by Sarah MacDonald

From the moment you arrive at the Turtle Beach Resort, following a narrow twisting road from the little town of Ras Al Hadd, a sense of calm will descend upon you, and time will seem to slow down.

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Can orange glasses help you sleep better?
by Kate Galbraith/ New York Times News Service

Studies have shown that such light, especially from the blue part of the spectrum, inhibits the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that helps people fall asleep

The challenges of Russia's decline
by Joseph S. Nye

It is important not to isolate Russia completely, given shared interests with the US and Europe relating to nuclear security non-proliferation, terrorism, space, the Arctic, and Iran and Afghanistan

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Qatar Airways is ‘world’s most dependable airline’
by Times News Service

Qatar Airways has been named the ‘World’s Most Dependable Airline’ in a comprehensive study of all major carriers, published by CBS Money Watch and conducted by recognised travel site WanderBat

Simple movements are all the exercise you need
by Rachel Carlyle/Daily

You may think a weekly hour or two of exercise with a capital E is enough to offset long hours sitting around, but here’s the bad news – it isn't.